As the days get longer and the nights get shorter, it’s time to start thinking about building up that summer wardrobe. It is usually out of the question to head out and buy everything new. Instead, this year, consider changing up some of the items already hanging around the closet with some trendsetting accessories. Little changes and additions can make a big difference!

The Perfect Hat

Sunglasses are great but a hat provides more than just protection for the eyes. It can keep hair color from fading, keep a person cool, and make a stylish statement. Look for a hat in a neutral color that will go with a variety of different summer pieces in the closet. Textures like straw are a perfect way to add interest to an outfit and serve a purpose.

The Right Handbag

It’s time to put away those dark colored purses and opt for something light and colorful to celebrate the summer. vera bradley has a large collection of bags and purses that are perfect for the warmer months. Don’t be afraid to go out on a limb and pick out one of the bright patterns to coordinate with a swimsuit or a sundress. If the beach is where you will be, consider purchasing one of the larger bags to help you get everything down to the water. Places like have lots of great ideas for adding a touch of color and interest to an outfit with just the right bag.


Shoes to Die For

Pedicures are in season as temperatures rise. Flip flops are versatile and easy to throw on but they can look too casual and bring down a great outfit. Instead, look around for sandals that add a new element to the look. Metallic shades are a great option as they can go with just about anything in the closet from a dress to shorts and everything in between. If flip flops are a must, look for a pair with embellishments along the straps to stand out from the more relaxed look.

Take advantage of the warm weather and sunshine! Look through the closet and pick out some of your favorite outfits. Then, take them to the next level with fun additions like a great hat, a new handbag, or even a great pair of shoes!